Meet One Of The Faces Behind Freedom Fitness & Nutrition

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I’m Cheyenne Doxtator, the proud owner of Freedom Fitness & Nutrition.

I look forward to sharing my story. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know me better.

I started my career in fitness over a decade ago, training friends. In 2014 I joined a fitness challenge involving specific nutrition guidance to achieve desired results. While doing the program, I introduced it to others and helped more people achieve health and fitness-related goals. 

After assisting a young man to lose a hundred pounds, I got inspired to empower people full-time by making this a career. So, in 2015 I completed two courses to become a personal trainer and nutrition coach. 

After qualifying as a fitness professional, I started independently training at different facilities and ended up working at a World Gym, where I became the General manager. It enabled me to learn the business aspect of the industry, and I started to dream about running a gym someday.

A Step Up
I had barely completed a year working at the gym when the ownership changed, leaving me with a decision to make. Should I stay and help to build the new owner’s brand or continue to enhance my own? While weighing up my options, a long-time friend allowed me to use his facility to train my clients.

At the time, I ran large group classes and did personal training. It’s where I met Tracy (my future business partner). Tracy was already a regular at the facility, so she started attending my new twenty-one-day Shred Camp Class. 

She loved the training as it helped to achieve her health and fitness goals. Therefore, after the gym closed a year later and I moved to a new facility, she came with me. I started providing her with personal training, and within no time, others signed up.

Forging A Partnership 
Unfortunately, just as I was making real progress with my clients, the pandemic hit in 2020. The gym closed down and never reopened after the lockdown, leaving me with nowhere to conduct my exercise sessions.

That’s when Tracy asked me if I wanted to join her in opening up a new gym. The thought of never having to worry about looking for a place to train convinced me to forge ahead. We launched Freedom Fitness & Nutrition in November 2021.

Over the past year, we have invested our members’ fees back into the business and have accumulated considerable equipment in a short period. Therefore, the difference between when we first started and now is night and day.

Safety Is The Priority
Client safety is my number one priority, and I believe what sets me apart is that I never let money lead my motives. I’m also honest and maintain crisp communication when instructing people on what can be achieved. I often tell trainees, “Don’t complain about the results you didn’t get from the work you didn’t put in.”

Therefore, when my clients listen to my advice and reap the results, it’s rewarding. It’s also gratifying to give back to my community by improving local people’s health and fitness levels. In addition, I like to support the Save The Children charity.

I have enjoyed sharing my story about the things which matter to me and how they influence the way I do business.

If you or someone you know could benefit from my expertise as the co-owner of a privately owned gym in North Fort Myers, Florida, I invite you to contact me. Please call (239) 910-5713 or email .