Austin Chernovetz

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I highly recommend Cheyenne! When I was 15 years old Cheyenne took me under his wing and trained me every day. One day I saw Cheyenne in a local gym and he had a scale on him and was weighing himself. I asked if I could weigh myself and he let me. At the time I was 15 years old, 6'2, and the scale said I was over 350 pounds. I asked Cheyenne if he was a trainer and could he train me. He asked how old I was and when he found out I was 15 he told me he couldn't even have a conversation with me about weight loss since I was a minor. He told me to have my mom call him and he could talk to her. Well, my mom would not call him and my brother-in-law would not either. After a couple of weeks of seeing Cheyenne in the gym, he asked me how come my mom has not called him yet. When I told him they wouldn't call him he asked where I lived and offered me a ride home. He said he was going to talk to my mom himself. That night he took me home and my mom came outside, Cheyenne shook my mother's hand, introduced himself, and told my mom that I asked him to train me but he couldn't do anything without her consent. He then told my mom that he did not want any money. He just wanted to help me and asked would it be ok if he workout with me and helped me lose weight. She didn't really believe he was going to do this for free but he assured her he didn't want any money and would never ask for any. And that is when my journey started. Over the course of the next 2-3 years Cheyenne picked me up every day and took me to the gym with him, he helped me meal prep at his house, gave me his protein shakes even fed me at times. He became a father figure to me and over that time period, I lost over 100 pounds and put on massive amounts of muscle. If you truly want a trainer that cares about the person then Cheyenne and Freedom Fitness and Nutrition is the place you want to be.